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Monte the Monkey Comfort + Love Care Kit with Keepsake Box
Comfort Kids Cuddly Hugs Chenille Prayer Shawl

At Comforting Keepsakes,

we specialize in custom and uniquely designed care packages meant to comfort someone through the challenges of grief.

We offer curated selections of meaningful items prepared as care kits or give the option for you to build your own -> available for young hearts to old

the gift that's better than flowers


"Sleep with this blanket every night. Wrap yourself in it when you need a hug. Cry into it when you are angry. Hold it as you pray for strength."

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Little 🤎 heal differently.

Feeling lonely can be scary.Give this shawl a squeeze any time, day or night!Let this shawl keep you company as you sleep.You will soon look forward to a cuddly hug every night.

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from those who have given comfort

This is a beautiful gift! I sent it to my Aunt after my uncle passed away, it brought her a lot of comfort and she really loved it. The service was above and beyond and the shipping was really fast! Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful option.

Jeannette C.

My dad lives 800 miles away from me and I wanted to send him a hug. He loved the gift and promises to use it every single day! Hearing his "smile" over the phone was the best thing ever!

Tesha C.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. Customer service was fantastic. The shipping was very fast, and my friend was thankful for the thoughtful gift after her mother passed away.

Jenn B.

Our Story

Comforting Keepsakes was created when Sarah Deatherage Steele lost her husband in the line of duty. She was gifted a handmade wooden box to keep his most precious possessions in from her brother and it left a lifelong impression in her life. She knew creating boxes similar to the one she received could be beneficial to others going through grief. Along with handmade boxes, Sarah has put together care packages of some items that helped her through the hardest time of her life. Any of these packages can be made with custom engraved boxes to create a truly comforting keepsake.